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Looking to learn how to successfully insert your brand into popular culture? We can provide insight and how to’s from award-winners making outstanding work today.

Is there an eversion to creative risk-taking in your business just when you need to be courageous? We can unleash your team’s best ideas by building their resilience, confidence and bravery.

Want to learn how to go from good to great? We will equip your team with what it takes to achieve creative excellence and move audiences. Maybe it’ll provide you with the tools to win that coveted D&AD pencil.

Do your managers have the qualities needed to lead and inspire a team? We can help them harness creativity to gain a competitive advantage, sell ideas and build better working relationships.

Meet the Session Leaders:

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Here are a few examples of what we've done for others:

Brand Voice and Creative Copywriting
Understand where a brand voice comes from, how world-famous brands use theirs and how you can give your brand a voice people want to hear.
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Brands are talking more than ever. On line, on social, on air, on billboards, on trains, planes and automobiles 鈥 the list goes鈥 well鈥 on. With so many brands around and so many places to communicate their message, now has never been a better time to make sure a brand鈥檚 voice is heard. So, how does a brand create a voice? How does a brand communicate with its audience? And how does a brand stand out from the crowd?

Prototyping your Creative Ideas
Quickly bring your idea, concept or project to life through rapid prototyping, making it easier to explain, share and for your team and clients to understand.
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In this workshop, you鈥檒l review iterations of prototypes for existing applications and experiences. The course covers everything from card techniques for interface design to interactive programmes; from how to simulate experiences in VR to the tools, techniques and approaches that will allow you to prototype in the workplace.聽

Better Briefing
The quality of a brief can make or break a project. In this Masterclass learn how to craft inspiring and interesting briefs that are springboards for great ideas.
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Learn how to turn a complex brief into a springboard and generate great ideas with Nick Eagleton and Kit Altin - who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. You'll learn how to push your creative boundaries, spark smart strategy, and rethink the process behind your ideas.

Brief to Broadcast
Take your team out of their comfort zone with a one-day intense workshop. Here they鈥檒l put their ideation skills to the test and take an idea from brief to broadcast in just one day. A great team building activity.
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Tackle any creative challenge in just a day with our Brief to Broadcast Masterclass. Start the day breaking down your selected brief - either internal brief or client challenge - and transform it into a springboard for creativity. Then, use this to generate new ideas and create quick-fire prototypes, photographs or videos to bring them to life.

The Business of Creativity
A leadership program designed specifically for businesses needing to harness the power of creativity to solve challenges - both internal and external - and create a lasting change within their organisation.
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Creativity can change the way a company thinks, works, and solves problems. But to put that into action, business leaders need to embrace big ideas. This Masterclass is a chance to work on real challenges your company faces, and use a creative lens to assess and improve your leadership skills.

How to Go from Good to Great
How to create game-changing work that stretches creatives and challenges audiences and clients. These four connected sessions will empower your department with new ways of working.
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Creating great work is a sum of a lot of small parts - from the right mindset to create bold ideas, collaboration with skilled creatives and brave clients, a brief that inspires creativity - and more. This tailored program helps you craft your creative process to consistently get to great.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas
Sign your team up to the ultimate creative workout. Here they鈥檒l learn how to have great ideas time and again, push through any creative block and see potential in any brief.
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Learn the skills you need to come up with great ideas in this one-day creative workout led by Nick Eagleton, who's collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world. You'll explore how to beat creative block, stay brave, and dream up ideas even when under pressure.

Presenting Creative Work
Upskill your team not only how to present work and ideas, but to do so persuasively. Plus, they鈥檒l learn how to answer questions that are critical and handle objections in a tactful way.
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Overcome your fear of pitching at this one-day Masterclass, which will teach you the power of persuasion. As well as boosting your confidence when it comes to presenting, you'll learn how to handle criticism, how to read the room, and how to take your idea through all the many stages of approval.

Transforming Insights into Ideas
Combine hands-on experience of current trends gained from distilling insight and information highlighted through the D&AD Awards.
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Short on inspiration? Keen to understand how global trends are shaping creativity? This one-day Masterclass is a chance to delve into the thousands of pieces of work judged by D&AD every year, and understand how cultural themes can create new opportunities for creativity to thrive.

A PDF of all our sessions can be downloaded here.

For more information on what we can provide, get in touch with one of our consultants. We also run diagnostic workshops to identify your needs and skill gaps.

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Business Development Manager

+44 (0) 207 840 1154

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Professional Development Executive

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